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5AGTFB1G431C4N Arria V Device Handbook
Prototype PCB
Part No.:   5AGTFB1G431C4N
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Description:   Arria V Device Handbook
File Size :   1787 K    
Page : 82 Pages
Maker   ALTERA [ ALTERA CORPORATION ]http://www.altera.com
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2. Device Datasheet for Arria V Devices
February 2012
This chapter describes the electrical characteristics, switching characteristics, and
configuration specifications for Arria
V devices. Electrical characteristics include
operating conditions and power consumption. Switching characteristics include
transceiver specifications, and core and periphery performance. Configuration
specifications include power-on reset (POR) specification, initialization clock source
option and timing, various configuration mode timing parameters, remote system
upgrades timing, and user watchdog internal oscillator frequency specification. This
chapter also describes I/O timing, including programmable I/O element (IOE) delay
and programmable output buffer delay.
For more information about the densities and packages of devices in the Arria V
family, refer to the
Electrical Characteristics
The following sections describe the electrical characteristics of Arria V devices.
Operating Conditions
When you use Arria V devices, they are rated according to a set of defined
parameters. To maintain the highest possible performance and reliability of the
Arria V devices, you must consider the operating requirements described in this
Arria V devices are offered in commercial and industrial grades. Commercial devices
are offered in –4 (fastest), –5, and –6 speed grades. Industrial grade devices are offered
in the –5 speed grade.
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Absolute maximum ratings define the maximum operating conditions for Arria V
devices. The values are based on experiments conducted with the devices and
theoretical modeling of breakdown and damage mechanisms. The functional
operation of the device is not implied for these conditions.
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Arria V Device Handbook
Volume 1: Device Overview and Datasheet
February 2012
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