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CLK11_4P Cyclone III Device Handbook
Prototype PCB
Part No.:   CLK11_4P
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Description:   Cyclone III Device Handbook
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Page : 274 Pages
Maker   ALTERA [ ALTERA CORPORATION ]http://www.altera.com
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8. External Memory Interfaces in the
Cyclone III Device Family
July 2012
In addition to an abundant supply of on-chip memory, Cyclone
III device family
(Cyclone III and Cyclone III LS devices) can easily interface to a broad range of
external memory, including DDR2 SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, and QDRII SRAM.
External memory devices are an important system component of a wide range of
image processing, storage, communications, and general embedded applications.
recommends that you construct all DDR2 or DDR SDRAM external memory
interfaces using the Altera ALTMEMPHY megafunction. You can implement the
controller function using the Altera DDR2 or DDR SDRAM memory controllers,
third-party controllers, or a custom controller for unique application needs.
Cyclone III device family supports QDR II interfaces electrically, but Altera does not
supply controller or physical layer (PHY) megafunctions for QDR II interfaces.
This chapter includes a description of the hardware interfaces for external memory
interfaces available in Cyclone III device family.
This chapter contains the following sections:
For more information about external memory system performance specifications,
board design guidelines, timing analysis, simulation, and debugging information,
refer to the
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Cyclone III Device Handbook
Volume 1
July 2012
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