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CLK15_6P Cyclone III Device Handbook
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Description:   Cyclone III Device Handbook
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August 2012
9. Configuration, Design Security, and
Remote System Upgrades in the
Cyclone III Device Family
This chapter describes the configuration, design security, and remote system
upgrades in Cyclone
III devices. The Cyclone III device family (Cyclone III and
Cyclone III LS devices) uses SRAM cells to store configuration data. Configuration
data must be downloaded to Cyclone III device family each time the device powers
up because SRAM memory is volatile.
The Cyclone III device family is configured using one of the following configuration
Fast Active serial (AS)
Active parallel (AP) for Cyclone III devices only
Passive serial (PS)
Fast passive parallel (FPP)
Joint Test Action Group (JTAG)
All configuration schemes use an external configuration controller (for example,
II devices or a microprocessor), a configuration device, or a download cable.
The Cyclone III device family offers the following configuration features:
Configuration data decompression
Design security (for Cyclone III LS devices only)
Remote system upgrade
As Cyclone III LS devices play a role in larger and more critical designs in competitive
commercial and military environments, it is increasingly important to protect your
designs from copying, reverse engineering, and tampering. Cyclone III LS devices
address these concerns with 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES)
programming file encryption and anti-tamper feature support to prevent tampering.
For more information about the design security feature in Cyclone III LS devices, refer
System designers face difficult challenges such as shortened design cycles, evolving
standards, and system deployments in remote locations. The Cyclone III device
family helps overcome these challenges with inherent re-programmability and
dedicated circuitry to perform remote system upgrades. Remote system upgrades
help deliver feature enhancements and bug fixes without costly recalls, reduce
time-to-market, and extend product life. Remote system upgrades can also be
implemented with the advanced Cyclone III device family features such as real-time
decompression of configuration data. For more information about the remote system
upgrade feature in Cyclone III device family, refer to
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Cyclone III Device Handbook
Volume 1
August 2012
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