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ES51998 DMM Analog front end/Insulation
Prototype PCB
Part No.:   ES51998
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Description:   DMM Analog front end/Insulation
File Size :   989 K    
Page : 31 Pages
Maker   CYRUSTEK [ Cyrustek corporation ]http://www.cyrustek.com.tw
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DMM Analog front end/Insulation
60000 counts dual-slope SADC (2 cnvs/s.)
Input signal full scale: 630mV (Max. 63000 count)
Built-in 600 counts fast speed (x10) FADC
Fast ADC conversion rate: 20 times/s
100L LQFP package
3V DC regulated power supply
Support digital multi-meter function
*Voltage measurement (AC/DC)
*Current measurement (AC/DC)
*Dual mode for frequency with voltage or current
*Resistance measurement (600.00Ω – 60.000MΩ)
*Conductance measurement (60.00nS)
*Capacitance measurement (6.000nF – 60.00mF)
(Taiwan patent no.: 323347, 453443)
*Diode or continuity mode measurement
*Frequency counter with duty cycle display:
60.000Hz – 60.000MHz
5.0% – 95.0%
ADP mode (AC or DC mode is available)
3dB BW selectable for low pass filter at AC mode
patent no.: 362409)
patent no.: 1363073)
Band-gap reference voltage output
Peak-hold measurement
patent no.:476418)
3-wire serial bus for MPU I/O port
MPU I/O power level selectable by external pins
On-chip buzzer driver and frequency selectable by
MPU command
High-crest-factor signal detection
patent no.: 234661)
Multi-level battery voltage detection
Support sleep mode by external chip select pin
ES51998 is an analog frond end chip of
DMM built-in 60000(SADC)/600(FADC)
counts dual ADCs. The SADC is operated at
slower speed for higher resolution. The
FADC is operated at higher speed for lower
resolution. ES51998 provides voltage &
current (AC/DC) measurement, resistance
measurement, capacitance measurement,
diode/continuity measurement, frequency
measurement, duty cycle measurement and
voltage peak-hold function. An analog
switches network is built-in for insulation
resistance application. The ES51998 also
supports multi-level battery detection,
low-pass-filter feature for AC mode and dual
mode measurement for V+F & A+F. A 3-wire
serial bus for MPU I/O port will be used
easily for firmware design. Flexible function
design is supported for different kinds of
DMM or Clamp-on meter application.
Clamp-on meter
Digital multi-meter
ver 1.7
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