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B43255A4227M000 Alu-X product lines Snap-in capacitors
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Part No.:   B43255A4227M000
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Description:   Alu-X product lines Snap-in capacitors
File Size :   455 K    
Page : 9 Pages
Maker   EPCOS [ EPCOS ]http://www.epcos.com
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Cautions and warnings
Also see “Important notes” on page 9.
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have a bi-polar structure. This is marked on the body of the
capacitor. A capacitor must not be mounted with reversed polarity. The application of an AC
or reverse voltage may cause a short circuit or damage the capacitor. Bi-polar capacitors
must not be used in AC applications, where the polarity may be reversed in the circuits or is
The DC voltage applied to the capacitor terminal must not exceed its rated operating voltage,
as this will result in a rapid increase of the leakage current and may damage the capacitor. It
is recommended to operate the capacitor at 70–80% of its rated voltage to optimize its serv-
ice life.
The ripple current applied to the capacitor must be within the permitted range. An excessive
ripple current leads to impaired electrical properties and may damage the capacitor. Note that
the sum of the peak values of the ripple voltage and the DC operating voltage must not ex-
ceed the rated DC voltage.
Capacitors must be used within their permitted range of operating temperature. Operation at
room temperature optimizes their service life.
Capacitors with case diameter
mm are equipped with a safety vent. In capacitors fitted
with a lead or soldering lug, the safety vent is usually located at the base of the case. It needs
sufficient space around it to operate optimally. The following dimensions are recommended:
for case diameter d = 8 to 16 mm, more than 2 mm; for d =18 to 35 mm, more than 3 mm;
and for d = 42 mm or more, more than 5 mm.
Capacitors should not be mounted with the safety vent face down on the board. Do not locate
any wire or copper trace near the safety vent. Do not reverse the voltage, as this may result
in excess pressure and the leakage of electrolyte.
Gas is released through the safety vent when the pressure inside the capacitor is too high. A
gaseous liquid around the safety vent does not indicate a leakage of electrolyte.
The capacitor should be stored under conditions of normal temperature and in a non-acid,
non-alkali environment of normal humidity. Exposure to high temperatures, for example un-
der direct sunlight, will reduce its operating life. If the capacitor is stored in an environment
containing acids or alkalis, the solderability of the leads may be affected.
The leakage current of an aluminum electrolytic capacitor may increase after a long period
of storage. After such storage, the capacitor must be aged by applying the rated operating
voltage for 6–8 hours before use.
Manual soldering:
a Soldering must be performed within the specified conditions.
Bit temperature: 350
application time of soldering iron: 3 seconds.
b Ensure that the soldering iron does not touch any part of the capacitor body.
Please read
Cautions and warnings
Important notes
at the end of this document.
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