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B43255A4227M000 Alu-X product lines Snap-in capacitors
Prototype PCB
Part No.:   B43255A4227M000
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Description:   Alu-X product lines Snap-in capacitors
File Size :   455 K    
Page : 9 Pages
Maker   EPCOS [ EPCOS ]http://www.epcos.com
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Cautions and warnings
Do not apply excessive force to the leads and terminals. Do not move the capacitor after sol-
dering it onto the PC board and do not carry the PC board by gripping the capacitor. Observe
the following rules to prevent undue stress to the capacitor:
a Do not tilt or bend the capacitor after soldering.
b Ensure that the terminal spacing matches the corresponding hole spacing on the PC
The aluminum case is not insulated from the cathode. Do not place a conductor under the
aluminum capacitors on the PC board as this may cause a short circuit. The case and top of
capacitors used in switched mode power supplies have a high-voltage-resistant heat shrink
sleeve to ensure safe usage.
The leads of capacitors with a case diameter exceeding 14 mm cannot be used for fixing.
Please read
Cautions and warnings
Important notes
at the end of this document.
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