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FX2-052P-1.27DS(71) 1.27mm Pitch Multi-function Two Piece Connector
Prototype PCB
Part No.:   FX2-052P-1.27DS(71)
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Description:   1.27mm Pitch Multi-function Two Piece Connector
File Size :   605 K    
Page : 28 Pages
Maker   HRS [ HIROSE ELECTRIC ]http://www.hirose-connectors.com
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  FX2-052P-1.27DS(71) Datasheet PDF page 2 FX2-052P-1.27DS(71) Datasheet PDF page 3 FX2-052P-1.27DS(71) Datasheet PDF page 4 FX2-052P-1.27DS(71) Datasheet PDF page 5 FX2-052P-1.27DS(71) Datasheet PDF page 6 FX2-052P-1.27DS(71) Datasheet PDF page 7 FX2-052P-1.27DS(71) Datasheet PDF page 8 FX2-052P-1.27DS(71) Datasheet PDF page 9  
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1.27mm Pitch Multi-function Two Piece Connector
FX2 Series
Stacking connection (Stack height: 12~16mm)
Horizontal Connection
Vertical Connection
1. Various connection with various product line
2. Easy One-Touch Operation
The ribbon cable connection type allows easy one-touch operation
with either single hand.
Stacking connection
Vertical type
Cable connection
Through hole type SMT type Through hole type SMT type
Insersion and Extraction
(1) Pick internal locks with thumb and the index finger.
Through hole type SMT type
Cable only
Through hole type
Horizontal type
SMT type
(2) With unique and preferable click feeling, the cable and
connector can be inserted or withdrawed.
Vertical type
Through hole type SMT type
Cable only
Cable connection
(For insertion, the operation proceeds from procedure (2) to (1).)
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