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VSA-0LPHE15SC Variable Slope Attenuators
Prototype PCB
Part No.:   VSA-0LPHE15SC
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Description:   Variable Slope Attenuators
File Size :   128 K    
Page : 3 Pages
Maker   JDSU [ JDS UNIPHASE CORPORATION ]http://www.jdsu.com
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Variable Slope Attenuators
VSA Series
Key Features
• Low insertion loss
• Wide attenuation slope range
• Available in low and high contrast variants
• Available in positive or negative slope variants
• Low tuning voltage
• Mountable on a PCB
• Remove cumulative error function
from amplifiers and filters
• Correct variations in amplifier gain
profile due to add-drop
multiplexing and Raman effect
• Balance channel power in
reconfigurable networks
The JDSU variable slope attenuator (VSA) equalizes uneven gain profiles inherent
to the use of optical amplifiers. The VSA is Telcordia GR 1209 and 1221 compliant
and uses hermetic sealing for increased resistance to environmental extremes. It is
available in low contrast and high contrast variants, and offers excellent positive
or negative slope optical performance in either the C or L bands.
The attenuation slope is precisely tuned using a stepper motor driven by an
external IC driver. The stepper motor adjusts the slope in small, uniform step
sizes, thus providing high resolution. The VSA is compact in size and can easily be
mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB). It requires minimum voltage. The
electrical pins extrude from the bottom of the package.
The spectral diagram on next page shows the transmission spectrum after passing
through the VSA. Both positive and negative slope profiles are available.
• Telcordia GR 1209 and 1221
800 498-JDSU (5378)
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