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1MBI300NA-120  HZS3.0NB2  REG710NA-3/250  REG710NA-2.7/3K  ZRC500N802  M50FW080NB1T  MC68HC908GZ8MFA  1MBI400NB-120  CAT28F020NA-70T  IXFH20N80Q  
MAX8887EZKXYT Low-Dropout, 300mA Linear Regulators in SOT23
Prototype PCB
Part No.:   MAX8887EZKXYT
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Description:   Low-Dropout, 300mA Linear Regulators in SOT23
File Size :   254 K    
Page : 9 Pages
Maker   MAXIM [ MAXIM INTEGRATED PRODUCTS ]http://www.maxim-ic.com
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Low-Dropout, 300mA Linear Regulators in SOT23
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