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H7CX-A114G Multifunction Preset Counter
Prototype PCB
Part No.:   H7CX-A114G
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Description:   Multifunction Preset Counter
File Size :   2406 K    
Page : 43 Pages
Maker   OMRON [ OMRON ELECTRONICS LLC ]http://www.omron.com
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Multifunction Preset Counter
• Highly visible display with backlit negative transmissive LCD.
• Programmable PV color to visually alert when output status
changes (screw terminal block models).
• Intuitive setting enabled using ergonomic up/down digit keys (4-
digit models) and DIP switch.
• Configurable as 1-stage counter, 2-stage counter, total and pre-
set counter, batch counter, dual counter, or tachometer. (Config-
urability varies with model.)
• PNP/NPN switchable input.
• Finger-safe terminals (screw terminal block models).
• Meets a variety of mounting requirements:
Screw terminal block models, and pin-style terminal models.
• NEMA4/IP66 compliance.
• Six-language instruction manual.
Multifunction Preset Counter
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