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H7CX-A114USDG Multifunction Preset Counter
Prototype PCB
Part No.:   H7CX-A114USDG
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Description:   Multifunction Preset Counter
File Size :   2406 K    
Page : 43 Pages
Maker   OMRON [ OMRON ELECTRONICS LLC ]http://www.omron.com
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Additional Information
Using the Operation Keys
Counter Operation
Power ON
Counting stopped
Counting possible
1 s min.
Configuration selection mode
Configuration selection
Present value, set value
DIP switch monitor
3 s min.
Run mode
Function setting mode
3 s min.
Input mode
1 s min.
1-stage counter
Dual count calculating mode
2-stage counter
Output mode
Present value, set value 1
One-shot output time
Present value, set value 2
One-shot output 2 time
Total and preset counter
Present value, set value
One-shot output 1 time
Counting speed
Total count value
Reset input signal width
Decimal point position
Batch counter
Prescale value
Present value, set value
NPN/PNP input mode
Batch count value,
batch count set value
Display color
Output allocation
Dual counter
Key protect level
Dual count value,
dual count set value
CP1 present value,
CP2 present value
keys (
key only with 6-digit models).
Note: 1.
Perform settings using the
The above flowcharts outline the procedures for all models. For more details on each model, refer to page 107.
Multifunction Preset Counter
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