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SST39LF010-45-4I-B3KE 512 Kbit / 1 Mbit / 2 Mbit / 4 Mbit (x8) Multi-Purpose Flash
Prototype PCB
Part No.:   SST39LF010-45-4I-B3KE
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Description:   512 Kbit / 1 Mbit / 2 Mbit / 4 Mbit (x8) Multi-Purpose Flash
File Size :   637 K    
Page : 24 Pages
Maker   SST [ SILICON STORAGE TECHNOLOGY, INC ]http://www.sst.com
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512 Kbit / 1 Mbit / 2 Mbit / 4 Mbit (x8) Multi-Purpose Flash
SST39LF512 / SST39LF010 / SST39LF020 / SST39LF040
SST39VF512 / SST39VF010 / SST39VF020 / SST39VF040
SST39LF/VF512 / 010 / 020 / 0403.0 & 2.7V 512Kb / 1Mb / 2Mb / 4Mb (x8) MPF memories
Data Sheet
• Organized as 64K x8 / 128K x8 / 256K x8 / 512K x8
• Single Voltage Read and Write Operations
– 3.0-3.6V for SST39LF512/010/020/040
– 2.7-3.6V for SST39VF512/010/020/040
• Superior Reliability
– Endurance: 100,000 Cycles (typical)
– Greater than 100 years Data Retention
• Low Power Consumption
(typical values at 14 MHz)
– Active Current: 5 mA (typical)
– Standby Current: 1 µA (typical)
• Sector-Erase Capability
– Uniform 4 KByte sectors
• Fast Read Access Time:
– 45 ns for SST39LF512/010/020/040
– 55 ns for SST39LF020/040
– 70 ns for SST39VF512/010/020/040
• Latched Address and Data
• Fast Erase and Byte-Program:
– Sector-Erase Time: 18 ms (typical)
– Chip-Erase Time: 70 ms (typical)
– Byte-Program Time: 14 µs (typical)
– Chip Rewrite Time:
1 second (typical) for SST39LF/VF512
2 seconds (typical) for SST39LF/VF010
4 seconds (typical) for SST39LF/VF020
8 seconds (typical) for SST39LF/VF040
• Automatic Write Timing
– Internal V
• End-of-Write Detection
– Toggle Bit
– Data# Polling
• CMOS I/O Compatibility
• JEDEC Standard
– Flash EEPROM Pinouts and command sets
• Packages Available
– 32-lead PLCC
– 32-lead TSOP (8mm x 14mm)
– 48-ball TFBGA (6mm x 8mm)
– 34-ball WFBGA (4mm x 6mm) for 1M and 2M
• All devices are RoHS compliant
The SST39LF512, SST39LF010, SST39LF020, SST39LF040
and SST39VF512, SST39VF010, SST39VF020, SST39VF040
are 64K x8, 128K x8, 256K x8 and 5124K x8 CMOS Multi-Pur-
pose Flash (MPF) manufactured with SST’s proprietary, high per-
formance CMOS SuperFlash technology. The split-gate cell
design and thick-oxide tunneling injector attain better reliability and
manufacturability compared with alternate approaches. The
SST39LF512/010/020/040 devices write (Program or Erase) with
a 3.0-3.6V power supply. The SST39VF512/010/020/040 devices
write with a 2.7-3.6V power supply. The devices conform to
JEDEC standard pinouts for x8 memories.
Featuring high performance Byte-Program, the
SST39LF512/010/020/040 and SST39VF512/010/020/
040 devices provide a maximum Byte-Program time of 20
µsec. These devices use Toggle Bit or Data# Polling to indi-
cate the completion of Program operation. To protect
against inadvertent write, they have on-chip hardware and
Software Data Protection schemes. Designed, manufac-
tured, and tested for a wide spectrum of applications, they
are offered with a guaranteed typical endurance of
100,000 cycles. Data retention is rated at greater than 100
The SST39LF512/010/020/040 and SST39VF512/010/
020/040 devices are suited for applications that require
convenient and economical updating of program, configu-
©2010 Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
ration, or data memory. For all system applications, they
significantly improves performance and reliability, while low-
ering power consumption. They inherently use less energy
during Erase and Program than alternative flash technolo-
gies. The total energy consumed is a function of the
applied voltage, current, and time of application. Since for
any given voltage range, the SuperFlash technology uses
less current to program and has a shorter erase time, the
total energy consumed during any Erase or Program oper-
ation is less than alternative flash technologies. These
devices also improve flexibility while lowering the cost for
program, data, and configuration storage applications.
The SuperFlash technology provides fixed Erase and Pro-
gram times, independent of the number of Erase/Program
cycles that have occurred. Therefore the system software
or hardware does not have to be modified or de-rated as is
necessary with alternative flash technologies, whose Erase
and Program times increase with accumulated Erase/Pro-
gram cycles.
To meet surface mount requirements, the SST39LF512/
010/020/040 and SST39VF512/010/020/040 devices are
offered in 32-lead PLCC and 32-lead TSOP packages. The
SST39LF/VF010 and SST39LF/VF020 are also offered in
a 48-ball TFBGA package. See Figures 2, 3, 4, and 5 for
pin assignments.
The SST logo and SuperFlash are registered trademarks of Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
MPF is a trademark of Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
These specifications are subject to change without notice.
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