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STE2007 96 x 68 Single-chip LCD controller/driver
Prototype PCB
Part No.:   STE2007
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Description:   96 x 68 Single-chip LCD controller/driver
File Size :   720 K    
Page : 62 Pages
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96 x 68 Single-chip LCD controller/driver
Low power consumption, suitable for battery
operated systems
Interfaces supply voltage range from 1.6 to
High voltage generator supply voltage range
from 2.4 to 3.6V
Display supply voltage range from 3 to 13.2V
68 x 96 bits Display Data RAM
33,49, 65 and 68 Lines mode
Row by row scrolling
– 3-lines Serial Interface (read and write)
– I
C (read and write)
– 4-Line serial (read and write)
Partial display mode (33,25,17,9 lines mode)
Fully integrated oscillator that requires no
external components
CMOS compatible inputs
Programmable ID-Number
Programmable Bias Ratio
Programmable columns organization
Fully integrated configurable LCD bias voltage
generator with:
– Selectable multiplication factor
(3x, 4X and 5X)
– Effective sensing for high precision output
– Eight selectable temperature compensation
Designed for chip-on-glass (COG) applications
The STE2007 is a low power LCD driver, capable
to drive 96 columns and up to 68 lines, designed
for monochrome displays.
The STE2007 includes fully integrated bias
voltage generator (up to 5x multiplication factor),
and internal oscillator, thus reducing to minimum
the number of external components required and
the current consumption.
The STE2007 features the three standard serial
interfaces (3 and 4 lines serial, I
C interface).
December 2006
Rev 3
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