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V48A12M500A 48Vin / 12Vout / 500Watts DC-DC Converter Module
Prototype PCB
Part No.:   V48A12M500A
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Description:   48Vin / 12Vout / 500Watts DC-DC Converter Module
File Size :   194 K    
Page : 8 Pages
Maker   VICOR [ VICOR CORPORATION ]http://www.vicorpower.com
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Vicor’s comprehensive line of power solutions includes modular, high
density DC-DC converters and accessory components, configurable power
supplies, and custom power systems.
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rights of Vicor. Vicor components are not designed to be used in applications, such as life support systems,
wherein a failure or malfunction could result in injury or death. All sales are subject to Vicor’s Terms and
Conditions of Sale, which are available upon request.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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V48A12C500A DC-DC Converter
Rev. 5.3
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